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Paul Koch

Paul is the pastor of
Grace Lutheran Church in Ventura CA. where he has been called to hand over the goods; to kill and make alive and to recklessly forgive the broken and hurting. He is the the Editor of The Jagged Word and is proud to work beside great friends in this endeavor. It has been his growing conviction that most of the problems currently facing the Christian church (whether real or imagined) will not be fixed by so-called “experts” but by the faithful proclamation of the Word.
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Joel Hess

Rev. Joel Hess is the fortunate pastor at
Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Cadillac, MI, where God’s reality pierces through our illusions by His Word, flesh and blood and gentle waters.  He is the author of many half written projects; a talented musician and artist.  His contributions to the Jagged Word deal with the intersection of theology, culture and the arts.
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Ross Engel

Rev. Ross Engel is the pastor of
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Middleburg, FL. He is a Scottish Highland Games competitor. He enjoys reading, discussing and even arguing about theology, especially if cigars and a pint, or a pipe and some Irish whiskey are involved in the discussion. Some may write him off as the “frat-boy” of serious theological discussion, but he holds his own, even among revered professors and the occasional PhD candidate.

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