the point of the podcast

Welcome to Ringside, the show where the Sacred and Profane collide. We truly hope you enjoy the show for many reasons. We hope it provides even a little humor in this dark world. Sometimes theologians make the world even darker unfortunately. Though, there is a time for everything.

We also hope you learn at least one thing you did not previously know. Sometimes one of us might be quite the expert on a particular issue. Other times we didn’t know anything about the topic until we were forced to research for the episode.

To be totally sincere, we just really enjoy hanging out and talking. So whether anyone actually likes this podcast or not, it will keep going! Sorry!

Finally by God’s grace and the creek don’t rise, we hope and pray that if you did not know it was possible to have hope and peace, you do now. Jesus conquered sin, death and the devil. He gives this victory freely to you!

As the Grateful Dead sung at the end of every concert,
“Lay down my dear brothers.
lay down and take your rest.
Won’t you lay your head on your savior’s breast.
I love you o but Jesus loves you the best.
And I bid you good night, good night, good night!”

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