IN THE RING: “I Believe: Grief, Suffering and the Christian Church”

Ringside Preachers are “In the Ring” for this 2022 Podcast Symposia Series in Ft. Wayne, Indiana with special guests Dr. John T Pless, Dr. Todd Peperkorn, Dr. Jeff Pulse, and Dr. Arthur Just.

“The Catechism is a Tool Not a Textbook” with John T. Pless.
Teaching and preaching a Biblical worldview through Luther’s Small Catechism in every stage of life.

“Depression in the Christian Church” with Dr. Todd Peperkorn.
Struggles in faith and practice when dealing with depression and reflections on the visual message of Christ on the cross in church.

“What You Meant for Evil, God Meant for Good” with Dr. Jeff Pulse.
Exploring the dark side of Joseph in Genesis and other less known resurrection figures.

“Heaven on Earth For You” with Dr. Arthur Just.
We believe in the Holy Christian Church, which is the body of Christ.

“Im Your Pastor Not Your Therapist” with John T. Pless.
Conversations on the role and expectation of a Pastor in our current culture, highlighting the newly released book: Pastor Craft.