Nature’s God Ringside Preachers

Topics: Environmental concerns: “Idontcarism” “Silence” of God, movie, book, pastors and psalms The Single Christian: unmarried human being ministry     Thank you:  1517.org  and Concordia Seminary, St. Louis and thejaggedword.com Monthly sponsor: Eddie Switek   Music/Photo: Joel Allen Hess  "I'm falling away"- More on bandcamp Dead Horse One – I love my man     Other stuff: How to be a Poet, Wendell Berry Silence, Shusaku Endo God on Trial Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor E. Frankl,  
  1. Nature’s God
  2. Do I Have to be a Pastor?
  3. The Prison of Confirmation, Jazz, and the Flesh
  4. Words are Meant to be Spoken
  5. A Cure for the Common Death