Limbaugh, Handshakes, and Jesus Ringside Preachers

Get behind me bourgie theology! Pick up your cross and turn your radio to Ringside Preachers. Talking about Rush Limbaugh’s legacy, shaking hands like a man and not a fish, and you-know-who: Jesus.
 Topics: – The Legacy of Rush – Rend Your Heart, Tear Your Garments, It’s OK to Mourn – Lost Art of Shaking Hands – Jesus and Welfare – Suffering is not the Greatest Evil: Romans 5
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  1. Limbaugh, Handshakes, and Jesus
  2. It's OK to be Sad
  3. The End Begins in Christ: In the Ring with Dr. James Voelz
  4. QAnon
  5. Preaching in the Presence of God’s Kingdom: In the Ring with Dr. Jeff Pulse