Welcome to Ringside where the sacred and profane collide!  If you came to this page to be confirmed in all your opinions, probably should leave. If you came to this page because some one dared you. You’re at the right place. If you came to this page to by accident. There are no accidents .  Sit back, put some Dunhill in your Peterson, take a sip of your manhattan and enjoy. The preachers talk about sundry subjects from Andy Warhol’s faith to how to throw a party.  They bring some silliness and sobriety to each topic! This ain’t hummus or the Dave Matthews Band.  You will love it or hate it!  Take a listen! Peace in Christ!

Our hosts are the Reverends Ross Engel, Paul Koch, Joel A. Hess, and Tyler the Intern.  We are, as St. Paul says, jars of clay, carrying the life giving Word of God to the poor and downtrodden in our communities.  By God’s grace we like to call a thing a thing, as Dr. Martin Luther said regarding the Theology of the Cross.  We also are not afraid to be corrected or confronted! So don’t be scared, or polite!