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Community College

“The New Gods of our Post-Covid World”

The Ringside Preachers: Joel Hess, Paul Koch, Ross Engel, Tyler Osmun, and guest David Rufner of 1517 at our first Semester of community college in VENTURA, CA! Drinks, discussion, live podcasts, music, and an education that you will not get anywhere else.

Be there for the NEXT SEMESTER!


Heroes and Villains: in the Olympics and Hell Ringside Preachers

Topics: Simone Biles: hero or villain? How do you preach about Satan? Decent of Christ into Hell Concerned Seminarian visit Ephesians 4: darkened and ignorant     Thank you:  1517.org proud member of the 1517 Podcast Network and Concordia Seminary, St. Louis and thejaggedword.com   Music: Willing Virginia – black velvet suit, on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud Dead Horse One – I love my man   Other stuff: “Moonshiner” by Bob Dylan In the Ring – Podcast Symposium in St. Louis, MO Community College, St. James Chicago on October 22 Bondage of the Will, Martin Luther Screwtape Letters, CS Lewis Formula of Concord     
  1. Heroes and Villains: in the Olympics and Hell
  2. Drama, Propaganda, and the Gospel with Guest Jeff Leininger
  3. Jesus Can Be a Jerk
  4. Marriage Counseling with Ross and Tyler
  5. Hocus Pocus Communion


If we use your idea, we will send you a T shirt! Thanks for playing.