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Always Pointing to Christ: A Tribute to Jim Nestingen with John T. Pless Ringside Preachers

At the end of the Lord's Prayer, you hear the promise of the resurrection rumbling through the whole thing. Finally, the door of the mighty fortress is going to open and the Prince of Peace will step forward! The Ringside Preachers join John T. Pless at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne to remember and honor the great theologian Jim Nestingen.   Topics: God does not leave you without a preacher! Deliver us from Every Evil, even death Praying the Lord’s Prayer as Luther did Legacy of Handing over the Goods Reflections on the life and theology of Jim Nestingen Pietism and Antinomianism God is doing something through the preached Word   Guest: John T. Pless Assistant professor of Pastoral Ministry and Missions at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne.    Thank you:  Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne 1517.org  Grace Lutheran Ventura St. James Lutheran, Chicago   Music: Joel A. Hess (Willing Virginia) – “I See a Light “ Dead Horse One – I love my man   Other stuff: Martin Luther A Life,  James A. Nestingen  Luther, Thrivent The Faith We Hold, Nestingen Free to Be, Nestingen and Forde The Necessary Distinction: A Continuing Conversation on Law and Gospel, James Nestingen and John T. Pless Luther’s Annotated Catechism with Contemporary Applications, The Theology of the Cross in the Lord's Prayer, James Nestingen Letter to Peter the Barber, A Simple Way to Pray, Martin Luther Praying Luther's Small Catechism, John T. Pless  
  1. Always Pointing to Christ: A Tribute to Jim Nestingen with John T. Pless
  2. Can You Trust Your Pastor's Voice?
  3. It’s Not How Hard You Hit
  4. Don't Circumcise Christmas
  5. Death and Christmas


Underground Podcast Symposium hosted by Ringside Preachers at the Concordia Seminaries: St. Louis, MO and Fort Wayne, IN. This topical Podcasts Series features guest professors from each school and a party to toast our future pastors!!

“Preaching During Crisis” September 2020 St. Louis

“Preaching in the End of the World” January 2021 Ft. Wayne

“Christianity Without Christendom” September 2021 St. Louis

“I Believe: Grief, Suffering, and the Church” January 2022 Ft. Wayne

“Read Your Bible Better” September 2022 St. Louis

“Philosophy and the Faith” January 2023 Ft. Wayne


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