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COMING SOON on NOVEMBER 4th “What’s Wrong With Christianity?”

The Ringside Preachers are on the road: Party, Live Music, Drinks, Discussion, Speakers, Live Podcasts, and an education that you will not get anywhere else. Meet the Preachers in YOUR community!

Semester #1 “The New Gods of Our Post COVID World” held at Grace Lutheran Church in Ventura, CA (MAY 2021)

Semester #2 “Grace Under Pressure” held at St. James Lutheran Church in Chicago, IL (OCTOBER 2021)

Semester #3 “What’s Wrong With Christianity?” COMING TO Grace Lutheran Church in Ventura, CA (November 4, 2022) SIGN UP HERE


Hurricanes and Repentance Ringside Preachers

God’s Wrath in Natural Disaster A healthy body makes better pastors Corrupt politics Communion brings community   Thank you:  1517.org  and Concordia Seminary, St. Louis and thejaggedword.com Grace Lutheran Ventura St. James Lutheran, Chicago   Monthly Sponsors: Frances Meadows, Eddie Switek, Blayne Watts, ITO Radio America   YOU CAN BE A RINGSIDE SPONSOR:  https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=TZBU7UQQAWEVN   Music/Photo: Joel Allen Hess – "I see a light" More on bandcamp Dead Horse One – I love my man     Other stuff: Rebuilding Church Community, christianitytoday.com  
  1. Hurricanes and Repentance
  2. Preaching the Image with Dr. David Schmitt
  3. Concerned Seminarians LIVE!
  4. Should We Care about Shame, Confessions, or Queens?
  5. Your Megachurch Pastor is Doing Something Weird


Underground Podcast Symposium hosted by Ringside Preachers at the Concordia Seminaries: St. Louis, MO and Fort Wayne, IN. This topical Podcasts Series features guest professors from each school and a party to toast our future pastors!!

“Preaching During Crisis” September 2020 St. Louis

“Preaching in the End of the World” January 2021 Ft. Wayne

“Christianity Without Christendom” September 2021 St. Louis

“I Believe: Grief, Suffering, and the Church” January 2022 Ft. Wayne

“Read Your Bible Better” September 2022 St. Louis


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