IN THE RING: “Preaching During Crisis”

Ringside Preachers are “In the Ring” in 2020 for the FIRST Podcast Symposia Series in St. Louis with special guests Dr. David Schmitt, Dr. Peter Nafzger, Dr. Ben Haupt, and Dr. Bruce Schuchard.

Debate in an Age of Deconstruction

In the Ring with Dr. Ben Haupt. Forget prayer, America needs the use of logic and civilized discourse! So do preachers. What if preachers actually honestly engage the culture instead of cry “martyr”?

Preaching in an Upside-down World

In the Ring with Dr. Davis Schmitt. We were going to talk about preaching during the pandemic, but then things got even crazier discussing how the preaching task is always the same, but the target changes. And Tyler… where’s the bell?

Preaching in Chaos

In the Ring with Dr. Peter Nafzger. What is essential and non-essential in an age of crisis? Listen to our discussion about preaching to specific people in a specific location. Half of the Seminary may be from Nebraska, but what does your hyper-local world need to hear? Maybe the preacher’s task is to start a crisis.

Preaching Reality into Times of Crisis

In the Ring with Dr. Bruce Schuchard. A crisis isn’t all bad. Crisis encourages us to recognize who we are and what is real. Ringside explores the crazy history of this sinful world and a preacher’s response to it. The Cross of Christ speaks volumes above anything that is offered as an empty solution. Come Lord Jesus!